2017 Results

The Wicked GT 2017 results are in!!

Here’s the final standings!

Overall Champion – Jurand Szwaja (Vermin Swarm, 4-0-1 Record with 3 Major Victories and 1 Massacre)
Best General (Dorothy Division) – Taras Toporowych (Daemon Legions, 77 Battle Points)
Best General (Lions Division) – Jeff Durham (Dwarven Holds, 77 Battle Points)
Best General (Scarecrow Division) – Jason Fudge (Warriors of the Dark Gods, 76 Battle Points)
Best General (Tin Men Division) – Jon Pike (Ogre Khans, 60 Battle Points)
Best Sportsman – Ro. Nevarez (Saurian Ancients, 4 out of 5 “Best Opponent” marks received)
Best Appearance, 1st Place – Jeremy Schweitzer (Daemon Legions)
Best Appearance, 2nd Place – Austin Murrey (Kingdom of Equitaine)
Best Appearance, 3rd Place – Noble Diven (Beast Herds)
Player’s Choice – Erik Wilmeth (Kingdom of Equitaine, 8 out of 24 votes received)


Jurand Szwaja – Overall Champion
Taras Toporowych – Best General (Dorothy)
Jason Fudge – Best General (Scarecrow)
Jon Pike – Best General (Tin Men)
Ro. Nevarez – Best Sportsman
Jeremy Schweitzer – Best Appearance (1st)
Best Appearance – Austin Murrey (2nd)
Chris McArthur – Raffle Winner!!
Player’s Choice – Erik Wilmeth