shadedlogoFrequently Asked Questions

When are lists due? Lists are due May 3, 2023.

Does my army have to be fully painted? No. You can participate in the 9th Wicked GT with an unpainted army, however, you should be aware that you CANNOT win Best Overall if you have an unpainted army. You CAN, however, still win Best General with an unpainted army.

How do I know I’m registered? You should receive an email receipt upon purchase of your Wicked GT weekend pass. If there is any confusion, please email thewickedgt@gmail.com.

Is there a refund policy? Yes. We will refund 100% until Friday, April 14th, 2023.

Do you have a preferred hotel partner if I’m an out-of-towner? Yes. Best Western Wichita North Hotel & Suites is both where the Wicked GT will be held as well as where we have preferred guest room rates. For more info, visit the Venue tab.

– Is there a Players Packet? The Players Packet will be released soon.

– Is the Painting Rubric available? The Painting Rubric will be released soon.

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