The Bar

shadedlogostock-vector-beer-mug-cartoon-299384651For the 9th year in a row, we will have the Wicked GT Open Bar on-site! We’ll have a variety of alcoholic beverages and beer available for anybody that has paid to participate in the GT! It’s all included in your entry fee! In the past, we’ve had margaritas, rum, tequila, whiskey, and vodka with several types of mixers and for beer we’ve had IPAs and Bud Light. Of course there are other non-alcoholic drinks like Coca-cola, 7-Up, Sprite, etc for those of you that don’t want to partake in the drinking. We will have lovely ladies running the bar that will be happy to serve you throughout the weekend! That’s right!! The Wicked GT bar will be open from Saturday morning until Sunday afternoon (or at least until we run out of booze!). As always, tips are appreciated so make sure to take care of your bartenders / waitresses! Drink responsibly!!