shadedlogoWe try to approach everything with the K.I.S.S. method here in Kansas (Keep it Simple, Stupid!) and so we’re going to do the same when it comes to scoring for the Wicked GT. We have a multitude of awards to give out, and a lot of them will be custom made and specific to the tournament. In addition to all of the awards listed, we will have multiple raffles and door prizes throughout the weekend. The list of awards is as follows:

Best Overall (Most points overall)

Best General (Most Battle Points) 4 Categories:

  • Best General – Tin Men Division
  • Best General – Lions Division
  • Best General – Scarecrow Division
  • Best General – Dorothy Division

Best Appearance (Most Painting Points)

Best Sportsman (Most Sportsman Points)

This year is a little different as far as Best General goes. Since there’s 32 players I’ve decided to break it down into 4 division of  8 players each, they are as follows:

  • Dorothy Division:
    • Kenyon Duncan
    • Zach Perry
    • Josh Lewis
    • Kevin Kung
    • David Cicero
    • Blue Diven
    • Kurt Armstrong
    • Jurand Szwaja
  • Scarecrow Division:
    • Stephen Cummins
    • Frank Gallagher
    • James Wroot
    • Eric Rennie
    • Keith Rombough
    • Noah Dorsey
    • Pablo Wilink
    • Devin Meadows
  • Lions Division:
    • Damon Meadows
    • Chris McArthur
    • Nyk Barr
    • Jeff Durham
    • Abigail Boellstorff
    • Tom Baker
    • Austin Murrey
    • Joel Flint
  • Tin Man Division:
    • Ro. Nevarez
    • Noble Diven
    • Josh Gurin
    • Jesse Brown
    • C.J. Sisk
    • Len Szatkowski
    • John Spelz
    • Tom Moulton

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