General Info

The 9th Wicked GT will feature The 9th Age rule set. To download a copy of the most recent rules and updates, make sure to visit their page by clicking this link.

Armies are to be constructed using Fantasy Battles Army Books of no more than 4,500 points.

The following armies are allowed at the Wicked GT:

Beast Herds, Daemon Legions, Dread Elves, Dwarven Holds, Empire of Sonnstahl, Highborn Elves, Infernal Dwarves, Kingdom of Equitaine, Ogre Khans, Orcs & Goblins, Saurian Ancients, Sylvan Elves, The Vermin Swarm, Undying Dynasties, Vampire Covenant, Warriors of the Dark Gods

The Wicked GT is Open List.

The most current rule set will be used.

100% completely painted armies are very much encouraged, however, it is not required. Please note that YOU CANNOT WIN BEST OVERALL IF YOU COME TO THE WICKED GT WITH AN UNPAINTED ARMY! This is one that we stress. You are still eligible to win Best General with an unpainted army but it is impossible to bring home Best Overall with an unpainted army.

All lists must be submitted no later than May 3, 2023 in the New Recruit database. Your list will be verified using New Recruit. We will also be tracking the tournament as well as points and rounds through New Recruit as well.

What You See Is What You Get

While there are some instances where this is not that big of a deal, please do not try to use Skeletons as Zombies, Goblins as Black Orcs, or Gnoblars as Ogre Bulls. This shouldn’t have to be explained in great detail. If you have a unit of 40 Empire Halberdiers, make sure you have the appropriate models to represent them. Conversions need to be simple and easily explained should your opponent have a question about what the models is wielding / wearing / holding and Unit Fillers are fine as long as it doesn’t create unnecessary confusion.


For all of us here in Kansas (and apart of B.A.W.G.S.), sportsmanship has been and always will be paramount in the tabletop gaming scene. We have always prided ourselves on being great sportsmen to each other and every person we encounter along the way. While it’s impossible to expect that people will be best friends at the end of a match, it can be expected that both sides end in a gentlemanly fashion and shake hands, fist bump, or something of the like. Needless to say, Sportsmanship will be graded at the Wicked GT and will count towards your Overall Score.

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