The Wicked GT 2016: Round 1 Matchups posted and Wicked GT Bar is open!!

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We are just 45 minutes from the Wicked GT 2016!! We are now set up and ready to go so when you’re ready then come on over and get registered! Round 1 matchups are now available!! The beer pong table and bar are open!!


Round 1:

Table 1: Mike Lies vs. Austin Murrey

Table 2: John Spelz vs. Kurt Armstrong

Table 3: Joe Guzowski vs. James Valdez

Table 4: Chris McArthur s. Pete Reese

Table 5: Kenyon Duncan vs. Jason Fudge

Table 6: Cody Mattson vs Alex Bade

Table 7: Jon Pike vs. Mike McGuire

Table 8: Wesley King vs. Erik Wilmeth

Table 9: Devin Meadows vs Brian Hunter

Table 10: Eric Rennie vs. Evan Schwamb

Here’s all our various forms of social media as well:

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