The Wicked GT 2018 Players Packet & Scenarios released! Some key dates to remember! Get signed up!!

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Registration continues for the 4th Annual Wicked GT 2018! If you’re interested in signing up and being apart of one of the best GTs in the Central USA then make sure that you make it out! Currently we have 24 generals and there’s bound to be several more sign up. Let’s continue on with the 2018 GT Circuit! The road continues right through the Wicked GT!

This year the Wicked GT will take place on the weekend of May 19-20, 2018. The army size is 4,500 points!

There’s a few important dates coming up that I’d like to make everybody aware of, just in case you’ve forgotten!!

  • April 9th: Just 3 days away at the time of this post!! Please make sure to let me know if you need to back out and I can offer you a full refund! After this date, refunds will be unavailable. Please understand that after this date the majority of the funds for the Wicked GT have already been spent so I will not be able to issue refunds. Thanks for your understanding on this.
  • April 23rd: The cost of the 4th annual Wicked GT increases to $60 so make sure and get signed up before this date so you won’t have to pay the higher price!
  • May 2nd: All Army Lists are due!! I plan to use the 2.0 beta rules and if there are any major changes between now and this date I’ll let everybody know what the path forward will be.

And a few other items:

  • Players Packet!: The official Wicked GT Players Packet 2018 has now been updated and released! Click here to have a look!
  • Scenarios: Wicked GT scenarios have now been released! Click here to view them!
  • Wicked GT Bar: If you’ve ever been to the Wicked GT then you’ll know all about the bar that we have available Friday evening, all day Saturday, and even into Sunday! The booze will last until it’s gone. Tips are always appreciated!
  • Pizza, Beer, and Video Games: New this year we’ll have TVs set up and will have some old school Nintendo games hooked up and ready to play. Grab a slice and a beer and let’s get together and talk smack while playing old school video greats like Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, and more! For anybody that wants to stick around and have a good time then feel free to do so! We’ll be partying late into the evening!

If you’d like to sign up then simply send an email to with your name, club (if any), and army (if you know) and we’ll get you signed up. This year the cost will be $55 each player and you can PayPal to the same email address,

Let’s get a great turnout this year and kickoff the 2018 GT Circuit right! See you there!!

Here’s all our various forms of social media as well:

  • Twitter: @Rnevarez4
  • Twitter: @sixfthunbadger
  • Twitter: @thewickedgt
  • Twitter hashtags – #TheWickedGT, #T9A
  • Website:

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