Only 3 spots remaining for the 7th Annual Wicked GT!

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We’ve spoken to the venue and we have added to more spots to the total amount of participants! So now we can have up to 22 people for the Wicked GT, up from 20! We’re close to selling out so if you’re on the fence then there’s never been a better time to sign up and come be part of one of the best GTs you’ll ever play in! Come sign up today!

This year the cost will be $50 each player and you can PayPal to the same email address,

Let’s get this thing filled out this year and make it a memorable one! See you there!

Here’s all our various forms of social media as well:

  • Twitter: @Rnevarez4
  • Twitter: @sixfthunbadger
  • Twitter: @thewickedgt
  • Twitter hashtags – #TheWickedGT, #T9A
  • Website:


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