Wicked GT 2022 has come to an end! What a weekend it was! Read below to see the final results!

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It was an amazing turnout for the 8th annual Wicked GT and there were some epic battles that took place throughout the weekend! Already looking forward to next year and beyond! Read below to see the final results!

A special thank you to everybody who attended – near and far – that helped to make this year the best year yet! I know there’s a lot that goes into the weekends with airfare, hotels, food, and more so it means a lot for everybody to make time in their busy schedules to attend the Wicked GT! Thank you to all the players that continue to make it possible! Congratulations to all the winners!

Best Overall – Jeff Durham

Best Sportsman – Damon Meadows

Best Appearance 1st Place – Austin Murrey

Best Appearance 2nd Place – David Cicero

Best Appearance 3rd Place – Noble Diven

Best General (Lions) – Tom Baker

Best General (Scarecrows) – James Wroot

Best General (Dorothy) – Jurand Szwaja

Best General (Tin Man) – Tom Moulton

Here’s all our various forms of social media as well:

  • Twitter: @Rnevarez4
  • Twitter: @thewickedgt
  • Twitter hashtags – #TheWickedGT, #T9A
  • Website: www.thewickedgt.com

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