The Wicked GT now on Facebook!

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In an attempt to connect with more people throughout the Midwest as well as the rest of the country, The Wicked GT has decided to join the social media frenzy and have made our own Facebook page. We are a long ways away from the Wicked GT but we are getting started early and taking a proactive approach in order to alleviate any hiccups we will most likely endure along the way. So for now, the Wicked GT Facebook page is in its infancy stages and is pretty bare, however, as more things start to take shape we’ll post them here as well as our FB page. Please follow the link and Like the page so that you can get all the news you need for our first ever GT. Thanks and we are now at 252 days away as of this post!

The link to the Wicked GT Facebook page can be found here,!

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