New Sponsors on board for the Wicked GT!

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Hello all you Warhammer fans out there! We are just under 7 months until the Wicked GT is here and we are doing all that we can in order to make preparations for one of the best tournaments here in the Midwest. To that end, I wanted to take the time to make a quick announcement and let you know that we now have 2 more sponsors that are going to help out for the Wicked. That brings our total to 3 and these guys have no idea how tremendous it is that they are lending us their support. Whether it’s helping to get supplies for terrain, donating product for prizes, or simply covering costs to help the overhead budget, it goes a long way!

secretweaponminiaturesThe first of our newest sponsors is Secret Weapon Miniatures ( These guys specialize in bringing high quality, pure pigments to wargamers as well as the largest selection of basing themes on the market! Justin McCoy is the founder and President of the company and is a stand-up guy that will be helping us out for the Wicked GT. More to come on this sponsor!

herocomplexThe second of our sponsors is Hero Complex Games and Entertainment located in Wichita, Kansas. This is the place where we have all of our local tournaments as Derek provides the best gaming experience for gamers all around Central Kansas His store is located on the east side of Wichita and has 26 amazing 4×8 foot gaming tables. In addition to sponsoring the Wicked GT, Hero Complex has sponsored all of our local tournaments leading up this point. Hero Complex will be our key sponsor and we will bring you lots more info in the days to come.

In the coming months I’ll be doing a “Sponsor Spotlight” on each of our sponsors to help further their name brand and boost traffic to their sites. I’ll give you all the details on all of our sponsors so that you can know who’s doing what for us and what they can provide to you as a gamer! Thanks for checking back. There’s going to be more coming for the Wicked GT very soon as we close out 2014 and head into 2015!

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