The Wicked GT gains another sponsor – Dave Graffam Models!

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Another quick note to let everybody know that our sponsor count for the Wicked GT is now up to 5! We have been working with Dave Graffam over at Dave Graffam Models and he has graciously decided to help us  out by providing cardstock terrain pieces from his extensive collection! Dave has over 100 kits available on his website and there are so many different gaming types to choose from. Whether you’re playing Warhammer Fantasy or Warhammer 40k you can find pieces of terrain that will fit your system and style of play.


We’re going to outfit our tables at the Wicked GT with all of Dave’s awesome terrain designs! If you’re interested to find out more about Dave Graffam Models then make sure to visit his website and see what all he has to offer. The ease of putting some of these designs together is ridiculous and you’ll find that you can have a fully covered table in no time! Dave even offers a few freebies on his website just to get you started and then you can come back and take on some of the bigger pieces that might take a little bit more time to piece together. For your terrain needs make sure to visit Dave Graffan Models and thanks to Dave for helping us out for the Wicked GT!

One more day and we are 4 months away from go time! The Players Packets, as well as the Scenarios, are being finalized right now so if you want in on the action, want to participate in the Golden Toto painting competition, or just want to come see Dorothy and all of her friends then please visit the Registration page and sign up as soon as you can. Remember that it’s not required that you pay right away but make sure to remember that once the final date to pay comes and you’re not paid up then you will be dropped from the list. Lookin’ forward to seeing lots of new and familiar faces at the Wicked GT. Get those armies painted!

Thank you once more to Dave Graffam at Dave Graffam Models!

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