Quick End Times update for the Wicked GT.

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Hello and Happy New Year to all you Warhammer fans out there! The Wicked GT is just under 4 months at the writing of this post so make sure to get your army lists up to date and ready for submission. Also start working on your entries into the Golden Toto Painting Competition! I’m excited to see what all comes from various painters from all around. I know that the Wicked GT is going to be great and we’re looking forward to putting it on for everybody and making it a great show to follow up with next year. It’s not long now, so hurry up and get ready to go!

I wanted to make a quick post to address the End Times. As I’m sure everybody is well aware, the End Times are upon us thanks to Games Workshop and their developers… They have decided to advance the storyline of Warhammer Fantasy! With this advancement comes new units / armies / spells / etc, etc, etc… I’m sure everybody has read through the Nagash, Glottkin, Khaine, Thanquol, and soon to be Archaon End Times books (seriously if you haven’t, take the time, they are good reads…) If you have indeed read through some of these new rules then you’ll know that a lot of new things have been added. I wanted to address these items as they relate to the Wicked GT. Here’s the breakdown:

– Characters / units / lists from the End Times books currently WILL NOT be allowed. This includes any and all of the new units that are in each of the ET books. This could change between now and the start of the Wicked GT with new books set to release in the next few months. If they do, we will make sure to address it right here on our website. The main reasoning for this is that these characters / units / etc are not “official”.

– The 50% Lord / Hero percentages WILL be in effect and this has actually been updated in the Games Workshop FAQ, thus making these rules official.

– The Lore of Undeath WILL be in effect as well, having also been FAQ’d. One addition to this is that if you plan on using the Lore of Undeath in your army list please have the book and/or cards available during the tournament.

Any other changes that happen over the next few weeks we will make sure to cover it here on this website. If you have any other questions pertaining the End Times and it’s effect on the Wicked GT please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. Not much longer now! Hope to see you guys soon!

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