Wicked GT Scenario One now available! Important dates fast approaching!

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The Wicked GT team (particularly Chris McArthur) has come up with some great, unique scenarios for the upcoming GT. They are themed around the Wizard of Oz (of course!) and feature some pretty great narrative and storyline. There’s more coming soon but I wanted to get the first scenario posted and available for all to see. The next 4 will be coming within the next few days. You can find the scenario by following the link below:

Scenario One: Welcome to Oz

I also wanted to remind everybody of the remaining important dates that are upcoming! Don’t forget to hurry and sign up and get paid up so you can be included in what’s certain to be a great weekend! The cost for the Wicked GT is $65 and you can pay via paypal by sending your payment to thewickedgt@gmail.com

April 16, 2015: This is the last day for refunds. If something happens after this date we regret to inform that you can no longer receive a refund. This is because the money is likely already spent in order to shore things up prior to May 15th.

April 19, 2015: Army lists are due on this day! If you have to turn in your army list after April 19th then you will receive a -5 points to your overall score, to be applied at the end of the GT. Please do your best to get your lists in on time. There should be no reason anybody has to start the tournament down -5 points.

 – Golden Toto Painting Competition – Hopefully you’re either working on a new model to enter into the Golden Toto Painting Competition or you already have something you’d like to enter. Either way, make sure to participate as we have prize support for each of the winners in 4 categories provided by Bits of War! Each winner will also receive a trophy for their win as well. Make sure to visit the Golden Toto Painting Competition Info page to find out all the rules about participating. We’re looking forward to seeing some great paint jobs as I know the Midwest has tons of great painters located right here.

Lastly, here’s a link to the Player’s Packet. All the information for the Wicked GT can be found in this packet (sans scenarios) ranging from the sponsor list, schedule, venue information, all the way to the scoring rubrics for Appearance and Sportsmanship. Scenarios are being refined as we speak and should be posted within a few days as well so you can see what you’re getting yourself into! Please make sure to visit the registration page to send your payment out!

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