Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Wicked GT! More News & Notes!

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Happy Holidays to everybody during this winter time of year!

Wanted to take a quick second to keep everybody in the loop of all that has been going on with the Wicked GT!

Here’s a few notes of interest:

– Registration is now open! Please spread the word and let everybody know that may be interested in attending the Wicked GT about the website ( Cost is $50 per person.

– Player Packets! Player Packets are being revised and we have a scheduled release date of January 18th, 2016! This packet will contain all you need to know for attending the Wicked GT.

– The 9th Age GT Circuit Hub! A new facebook page has been created to showcase all of the 9th Age GTs that are taking place over the next year. They are spread out all across the United States and this page will be a collection of information for all of these GTs. Make sure to check it out to find out what area will be running a 9th Age GT near you! Search for 9th Age GT Circuit Hub.

– Booze! We’re finalizing the menu for the bar for this year. If you attended last year then you know about all the fun we had and the awesome bar set up that was made available to all the players. We’re building on to that and will hopefully have a bigger selection this year!

– Golden Toto Painting Competition! I’ve spoken to the custom sculptor and the Golden Toto Painting Competition trophies are on schedule to be completed by the end of January! We’ll have a pic as soon as they become available. We’re looking for trophies to be about 6 to 8 inches tall! These are going to be awesome and you can only get them by participating in the painting competition! New sheets for all entries are being developed as well! More to come!

– 9th Age! Don’t forget that the Wicked GT will be featuring the 9th Age rules! Make sure to visit their site and get yourself familiarized!

– Sponsors! We have a ton of great sponsors back for this year. We’ll have a lot of door prizes, handouts, and custom pieces that you each participant will walk away with. You can only get it at the Wicked GT!

– Scenarios! New Scenarios are being developed to better align with the 9th Age rules. We are playtesting them as we speak and will provide all new, unique scenarios to all participants!

If you know of anybody that’s interested in attending then please send  them our way! The Wicked GT 2016 is going to be great! More updates will start to roll out as we move into the new year and get closer and closer! Thanks to everybody and really looking forward to the great turnout!
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