The Wicked GT 2017: Just 10 days away! Army lists due this Friday!

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A quick update for everybody! Just 10 days away from the 3rd Annual Wicked GT! It’s going to be great! As expected, we’ve had a few guys have real life issues come up and we’ve fluctuated with the amount of overall generals that are signed up and going to attend… so as of right now, we have 23 total generals ready to do battle and even have a ringer on hand in case we end up with an odd number. So keep spreading the word! Let’s make this Wicked GT the best one ever!

Do you know somebody that’s on the fence about making the trip? Tell ’em about the custom trophies that you can only get at the Wicked GT! Tell ’em about the open bar that we have for everybody who’s paid up and playing! Tell ’em about the 5 unique scenarios that you only get at this GT! Tell ’em about everything that makes the Wicked GT, the Wicked GT! Let’s push it the last 10 days and get some extra players signed up! Here’s the other info:

  • The “Who’s In” webpage has been updated to show who all has made their payments and who hasn’t. If you haven’t yet done so, please make your payments as soon as possible so that we can start paying off the items that need to be paid! Make your payments, please!
    You can send your payment via PayPal to
  • Army Lists due this Friday!
    • May 12: Finalize your lists and get them in as soon as possible! Don’t forget that they need to be in a legible format such Army Builder, Excel, or even Word. No handwritten lists, please!
  • Players Packet! The Wicked GT Players Packet has been updated and is now available for your viewing pleasure. If you’d like to download a copy then please click this link! Enjoy!

Please continue to spread the word and make this Wicked GT the best one yet! If you have any questions please feel free to visit our forums (click here) or send an email to the Wicked GT (

Here’s all our various forms of social media as well:
  • Twitter: @iggykoopa30
  • Twitter: @Rnevarez4
  • Twitter: @sixfthunbadger
  • Twitter: @thewickedgt
  • Twitter hashtags – #TheWickedGT, #T9A
  • Website:

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