The Wicked GT 2017: 2 weeks away! Army lists due in a week!

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As of today we are exactly 2 weeks away from the 3rd annual Wicked GT! The venue has been booked, terrain is being made, sponsors are being lined up, trophies are done, and we are getting our hands on more and more stuff to hand out every single day! The Wicked GT Bar is going to be fully stocked and we’re working on getting some custom items made so that you can walk away with unique swag that you can only get here! A few items that we wanted to bring to everybody’s attention as we get closer and closer to the big day. Read on!

  • We currently have 22 generals signed up and ready to do battle!! So if you know anybody that’s interested in playing in the best Wicked GT yet then have them email us and we’ll get you signed up! Let’s shoot for 30 people!!
  • Players Packet! The Wicked GT Players Packet has been updated and is now available for your viewing pleasure. If you’d like to download a copy then please click this link! Enjoy!
  • Make your payments! We need the money now so that we can finish paying what needs to be paid!

    • You can send your payment via PayPal to
  • Army Lists due next Friday!
    • May 12: This date is when your army lists are due! Get your practice games in and finalize your list and then get it sent in so that it can be reviewed. Please no handwritten lists! Needs to be in some form of readable format (Army Builder, Excel, etc). Any lists that are submitted later than May 12 are subject to points deductions.

Please continue to spread the word and make this Wicked GT the best one yet! If you have any questions please feel free to visit our forums (click here) or send an email to the Wicked GT (

Here’s all our various forms of social media as well:
  • Twitter: @iggykoopa30
  • Twitter: @Rnevarez4
  • Twitter: @sixfthunbadger
  • Twitter: @thewickedgt
  • Twitter hashtags – #TheWickedGT, #T9A
  • Website:

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