Wicked GT Scenario Four now available! We are only 1 Month Away!

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Scenario Four is now available for your viewing pleasure! Only one more scenario to go and it will be released within the next few days. We are getting very close to the first ever Wicked GT!

Scenario Four: The Will to Survive

We are now just 1 month away from the Wicked GT! We have started to receive donations from our sponsors, making final preparations with the gaming tables, working hard to get enough terrain done, and working on some awesome themed tables for the Top 1 and 2 tables. There’s tons going on right now and the next month will go by very quickly so if you plan on attending the Wicked make sure to get your armies primed and ready! Here’s a few notes to be aware of as we enter the last month prior to the Wicked GT:

– Because of our rule to make all buildings impassable we have decided to ban ONE ITEM from this GT, and that is Fozzrik’s Folding Fortress. Please remember this when building your army list.

– Best Western has informed me that the rates for staying there will be valid up until 2 weeks prior to the Wicked GT. So if you plan on staying at the hotel you have until about May 1 to get the special booking price. Don’t delay!

– Beer! We are going to set up our own bar for the weekend. It will likely just be available on Saturday but we are going to have a keg of beer available that all participants will be able to drink from until it lasts. We’ll also have some simple drinks that our bartender will mix up for you as well. It’s all included with your entry fee to the Wicked GT, however, don’t forget that tips are always appreciated!

– The Painting Rubric has been added to the website as well in case you wanted to look it over and see how you can score max points. You can find it by following this link.

– The cost for the Wicked GT is $65 and you can pay via paypal by sending your payment to thewickedgt@gmail.com.

April 16, 2015 (TOMORROW!): This is the last day for refunds. If something happens after this date we regret to inform that you can no longer receive a refund. This is because the money is likely already spent in order to shore things up prior to May 15th.

April 19, 2015 (4 DAYS FROM NOW!!): Army lists are due on this day! If you have to turn in your army list after April 19th then you will receive a -5 points to your overall score, to be applied at the end of the GT. Please do your best to get your lists in on time. I understand that things come up, you may want to change a unit or two, or even bring a new army entirely. I’ll work with you on this so that no negative points are applied. If you work with me then we should be fine… but if you’re blatantly not putting together a list and waiting until the last minute then it really leaves us no choice so do your best to get me a list as soon as you can!!! We just need to get army lists in as quick as possible so that we can grade them for Swedish Comp (which will be used ONLY to determine 1st round match-ups). There should be no reason anybody has to start the tournament down -5 points.

 – Golden Toto Painting Competition – One note I wanted to add for the Golden Toto Painting Competition… If you plan on participating in the competition you can pay your entry fee the day of the Wicked GT rather than send a payment through paypal. It’s only $5 (or $10 if you have multiple entries) so this money can be paid at the actual GT. If you have any questions about this please let me know. Also, make sure to get your entries painted! Can’t wait to see what comes along down the yellow brick road!

Player’s Packet: All the information for the Wicked GT can be found in this packet ranging from the sponsor list, schedule, venue information, all the way to the scoring rubrics for Appearance and Sportsmanship.

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