Wicked GT 2016 will be Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age!

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Lots has happened over the last few months in the gaming scene all across the country! Even as I type this there’s a great movement for keeping the spirit alive for Warhammer! Different GTs across the country have elected to move to Kings of War for their tournaments and others have elected to drop out altogether. While we have a strong gaming group that is all in favor for trying out Kings of War (and have even had our first tournament!) we still have lots of people that are interested in keeping Warhammer alive! Many people can’t get enough and simply play both Kings of War and Warhammer: 8th edition! But we are now going to move forward and are excited to announce that B.A.W.G.S. and the Midwest Gaming Alliance are adopting Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age as our gaming system going forward! That’s right! The Wicked GT 2016 will be running The 9th Age! For more information on The 9th Age movement, visit this link!


Again, we have guys who support all types of games and there are plenty of weekend tournaments that will be supporting both KoW and The 9th Age so feel free to participate in any tournament with any game system you choose! We have a lot of support from our local gaming group to move to the 9th Age and so we’re currently running our Battle for Oz Tournament Series and will finish out next month’s tournament (on October 17th) as a final send off for Warhammer 8th edition. Then going forward with Round 3 – The Lion’s Pride – we will start using The 9th Age rules! After that we’ll close out the tournament series with Round 4 – Dorothy’s Return Home – in February 2016 and then we’ll hold our 2nd ever Wicked GT, which will be featuring the 9th Age!

There’s lots more that is sure to develop over the next few months and we’ll make sure to keep you updated as things progress. In the meantime,  head on over to The 9th Age website and get yourself a copy of the rules so that you’ll be ready to participate in any of the upcoming Battle for Oz Tournaments as well as the Wicked GT in March 2016!

A few things to look forward to over the next few months:

  • Registration! We’ll open up registration for the Wicked GT 2016 very shortly!
  • Dates to be set! We’re finalizing the weekend for Wicked GT 2016 and know that it will be in March, we are just waiting for the right weekend. Coming soon!
  • Players Packets! Update players packets will all you need to know for the Wicked GT!

Lookin’ forward to a great turnout for the Wicked GT 2016! Stay tuned as we’ll have all updates here and on our Facebook page, make sure to like us and follow us on Twitter (@thewickedgt)!

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