Wicked GT 2016 dates announced, March 18-20, 2016 & Registration now open!

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Quick post to let everybody know that the Wicked GT 2016 has officially been booked for March 18-20, 2016! We are going to use the same venue from last year at the Best Western Inn & Suites (make sure to visit the Venue tab to find out more info). We are now just under 6 months away from hosting the 2nd Wicked GT and look forward to having a great turnout.

Don’t forget that the Wicked GT 2016 will be using The 9th Age rule set so get to their website and familiarize yourself with the latest updates. If you’re local to the area, we are going to start running smaller get togethers and tournaments using the 9th Age rules as well and the first of these will take place on November 7th in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. So if you’re interested in learning the new rules and playing for a cause, then visit the Midwest Gaming Alliance page and get signed up for the many events that we are holding in both OKC and Wichita, Kansas to better familiarize ourselves with The 9th Age!

Registration is now open to the public! If you want to take part in all the greatness that is the Wicked GT then make your way on over to the Registration page and get yourself signed up! We are looking forward to rolling some dice, drinking some cold beer, and being at the forefront of The 9th Age movement! The entry fee for this year is going to be $50!

Lookin’ forward to a great turnout for the Wicked GT 2016! Stay tuned as we’ll have all updates here and on our Facebook page, make sure to like us and follow us on Twitter (@thewickedgt)!

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