The Wicked GT 2016: OhioHammer Podcast Interview with Ro. Nevarez!

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Now just 5 days away from the Wicked GT! Don’t forget that Registration starts at 5:00 PM on Friday, March 18th and the room that we will be in WILL BE LOCKED OVERNIGHT! So if you’d like to come up and get registered, have a beer, set up your army for the next day, and even do some open gaming then feel free to do so and leave your things in the room. Come on by and get registered!

Andrew Sherman over at OhioHammer took the time on Saturday afternoon to interview me about the Wicked GT and get in some last second coverage before we kick off this weekend! If you’re interested in listening to the 21 minute podcast then simply follow this link! It’s XP 118. It was a great interview and the guys there in Ohio are really looking to partner so that we can better support each other in the 9th Age endeavor! They just completed OhCon and had 40+ players!

Here’s a couple of key items as we get closer:

  • Factions! The Factions list has now been completed and uploaded. You’ll use this in each of your 5 games over the weekend. Here’s the link to the Factions sheet.
  • Army Lists! Don’t for get that your Army Lists need to be made using rule set v. and not the latest version of v.0.99. Army lists are due ASAP! You can send the army list to
  • Gem Bags! The Gem Bags are now complete! Everybody that registers gets one of these!!
  • IMG_2113

And so that you’re well aware, here’s some upcoming important dates to remember:

All funds due: Payment is the only way to secure a spot in the Wicked GT, so ASAP. You can send payment via PayPal to

Army lists due: March 4, 2016 March 11, 2016 (Flexible on this date)

Also, here’s a few other notes of interest:

– 9th Age! Don’t forget that the Wicked GT will be featuring the 9th Age rules! Make sure to visit their site and get yourself familiarized! ( We will be using v.

Raffle! Throughout the weekend we’ll be handing out raffle prizes at random times during the GT. If you were here last year then you’re well aware that we have tons of stuff to hand out. So make sure to get yourself signed up to get your name put into the daily raffle! You’ll receive a numbered gem upon registering and this will be your raffle number throughout the weekend!

– Booze! We will have a keg of Bud Light available and several types of liquor to make you simple cocktails. The beautiful waitresses are primed and ready to serve you drinks, cocktails, beer, and refreshments throughout the weekend! Remember that it’s only $5 to get you a Saturday drinking pass! Let’s have a great time!!

If you know of anybody that’s interested in attending then please send  them our way! The Wicked GT 2016 is going to be great! More updates will start to roll out as we move into the new year and get closer and closer! Thanks to everybody and really looking forward to the great turnout!
Here’s all our various forms of social media as well:

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