Wicked GT Countdown – 5 days and counting!

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We are now just 5 days from the opening night of the Wicked GT! Lots of stuff to cover so I’ll get straight to it!! The excitement is rising and the anticipation is building! This Friday can’t get here quick enough!

Here’s some quick bullet points:

Best General Categories! It seems like there’s been some confusion surrounding the Best General categories and how they came to be and also how these categories coincide with Swedish Comp grades. Let me address this right here and now and say this – THE SWEDISH COMP GRADE THAT YOUR ARMY RECEIVED HAS NOTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH ROUND 1 PAIRINGS. YOUR GRADE WAS USED SOLELY TO DETERMINE WHICH CATEGORY OF BEST GENERAL THAT YOU WOULD FIT INTO. That said, we have broken down the Best General Categories into Wicked Witches, Tin Men, and Scarecrows. Note that 1st place in EACH of these categories will receive a trophy for coming out on top of all other armies within their category. After going through each army list and giving each one a grade, the Best General Categories are broken down like this: Good luck to all the Army Generals!!!


Wicked Witches Tin Men Scarecrows
Alex Bade Adam Haecker Austin Murrey
Chad Moore Michael Pennington Brian Hunter
Eric Mercer Noble Diven Chris McArthur
Jason Westerhold Mike McGuire Chris Westerhold
John Pike Leland Gross Erik Wilmeth
J.T. Grachek James Valdez John Beshenich
Kenneth Eubanks Eric Rennie Kurt Armstrong
Michael Grudowski Chad Graham Rob Woodrum
Patrick Beshenich Andrew Porter Travis Shore
Randall Hill Mark Giebler
Dennis Nix


– Round 1 Match-ups!!! And now the moment everybody has been waiting for! Here are the Round 1 match-ups for Saturday! Keep in mind that Swedish Comp had nothing at all to do with this. These match-ups were chosen 100% at random. When you come in to set up your army you can find this list posted so make sure you set up your army on the table that you are designated. The printed out list will have the table numbers on it as well so you’ll know where to go. Please note that if we get new players between now and then they will be matched up together, unless they are from the same group. So this list could change… But for now, here it is:

Round 1:

Eric Rennie vs. Travis Shore

Randall Hill vs. Noble Diven

Mike Grudowski vs. Chad Moore

Chad Graham vs. Chris Westerhold

Patrick Beshenich vs. Erik Wilmeth

Dennis Nix vs. Michael Pennington

Kenneth Eubanks vs. Rob Woodrum

Adam Haecker vs. Jason Westerhold

J.T. Grachek vs. Austin Murrey

Alex Bade vs. Eric Mercer

Mike McGuire vs. Brian Hunter

Chris McArthur vs. Leland Gross

Andrew Porter vs. Kurt Armstrong

James Valdez vs. John Pike

John Beshenich vs. Mark Giebler

– The official Wicked GT 2015 Players Packet has been revised in some areas. You can check out the latest revision by visiting here! The changes are in red.

  Player Packets! Attached are the gems and arcs of visibility that each player will receive upon completing registration. There are 5 wound markers, 5 warpstone tokens (to be used in one of the scenarios), a blue gem that has your Player Number (for use in raffles) and a token for the Tin Man, Lion, and Scarecrow (also used in a scenario). These gems and gem bag, as well as the arc, are yours to keep after the GT. Use the wound markers for your own games in the future and if you’re a skaven player then the Warpstone tokens should come in handy too! In addition, each player will have a folder that contains the players packet, your army lists, a lores of magic reference sheet, and the sheets needed for sportsmanship and after each game. You will receive all of this when you get to the registration booth. Lastly, you’ll have your very own lanyard that comes with all your pertinent information for the Wicked GT! Take a look!


And here’s some other bullet points from past posts, but still relevant:

Don’t forget that registration begins at 5:00 PM on Friday, May 15th! If you want to come up and do some open gaming please feel free! It’s gonna be a great time. Please let us know if you have any questions!!!

And here’s some other points that we’ve mentioned in past updates:

– Because of our rule to make all buildings impassable we have decided to ban ONE ITEM from this GT, and that is Fozzrik’s Folding Fortress. Please remember this when building your army list.

– The Painting Rubric has been added to the website as well in case you wanted to look it over and see how you can score max points. You can find it by following this link.

– The cost for the Wicked GT is $65 and you can pay via paypal by sending your payment to thewickedgt@gmail.com.

Player’s Packet: All the information for the Wicked GT can be found in this packet ranging from the sponsor list, schedule, venue information, all the way to the scoring rubrics for Appearance and Sportsmanship.

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