Wicked GT Final Scenario now available! Prize support, Army Lists, and Time changes!

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The 5th and final scenario for the first ever Wicked GT is now available! After your long trek through the mysterious land of Oz it’s time to return home and get back to where it all started. Follow the link to see the final scenario!

Scenario Five: There’s No Place Like Home

Wanted to share some news and notes as we get closer and closer to May 15th. There’s lots going on so I’ll share some bullet points and get straight to it!

– Prize support! So far we’ve started to get tons of stuff in the mail that our awesome sponsors have helped us out with. We have lots of boxed sets and blister packs of all kinds of Games Workshop product ready to hand out for raffles, door prizes, and of course, the winners! Some of the things we’ve received are an army battalion of Tomb Kings, Ogre Kingdom Leadbelchers boxed set, and even some various other models to help fill out your armies. Yesterday we received from our awesome sponsor out in California (Cardboard Arcade) a ton of End Times stuff! We know that all the books are now released and here’s your chance to get your hands on the models! Take a look at all of this stuff we’ll be handing out!


– Another important thing to mention is the time allowance for each game. We’ve received multiple feedback concerning the length of each game for a 2,500 point WHFB battle. While some people can play pretty quickly and get the game done in a short amount of time, there’s still other people that may need that little bit extra to get it all done. To this end, we’ve decided to lengthen the amount of each round to 2 hours and 15 minutes. We had originally had it for 2 hour rounds but this will give you an extra 15 minutes to get your last hits in against your opponent and hopefully get those extra points you need to pull out the win! So, going forward, each round will be 2 hours and 15 minutes. (I’ve made the changes to the Schedule page).

– I’ve received a number of army lists but I’m still short a few! If you still have not submitted your army list (you know who you are!) then please do so right away so that I can grade them for Swedish Comp. Remember that this score will only be used to determine your weight class. Get your lists in to thewickedgt@gmail.com!

And this is the stuff from the last post, but still relevant:

– Because of our rule to make all buildings impassable we have decided to ban ONE ITEM from this GT, and that is Fozzrik’s Folding Fortress. Please remember this when building your army list.

– Best Western has informed me that the rates for staying there will be valid up until 2 weeks prior to the Wicked GT. So if you plan on staying at the hotel you have until about May 1 to get the special booking price. Don’t delay!

– Beer! We are going to set up our own bar for the weekend. It will likely just be available on Saturday but we are going to have a keg of beer available that all participants will be able to drink from until it lasts. We’ll also have some simple drinks that our bartender will mix up for you as well. It’s all included with your entry fee to the Wicked GT, however, don’t forget that tips are always appreciated!

– The Painting Rubric has been added to the website as well in case you wanted to look it over and see how you can score max points. You can find it by following this link.

– The cost for the Wicked GT is $65 and you can pay via paypal by sending your payment to thewickedgt@gmail.com.

April 16, 2015: The last day for refunds has passed. If something comes up and you need to cancel from the Wicked GT we regret to inform that we can not give you a refund. The funds are now being spent in order to make final preparations for the tournament. Thank you for your understanding!

April 19, 2015: Army lists are due now!! Get them in!!! If you have to turn in your army list after April 19th then you will receive a -5 points to your overall score, to be applied at the end of the GT. Please do your best to get your lists in on time. I understand that things come up, you may want to change a unit or two, or even bring a new army entirely. I’ll work with you on this so that no negative points are applied. If you work with me then we should be fine… but if you’re blatantly not putting together a list and waiting until the last minute then it really leaves us no choice so do your best to get me a list as soon as you can!!! We just need to get army lists in as quick as possible so that we can grade them for Swedish Comp (which will be used ONLY to determine 1st round match-ups). There should be no reason anybody has to start the tournament down -5 points.

 – Golden Toto Painting Competition – Get your entries ready for the Golden Toto Painting Competition! The trophies have gone to print and they will be ready for the winners. In addition, the winners prize support has been provided by Bits of War so each winner will get product provided by http://www.kromlech.eu! Thank you to our great sponsor, Bits of War!

Player’s Packet: All the information for the Wicked GT can be found in this packet ranging from the sponsor list, schedule, venue information, all the way to the scoring rubrics for Appearance and Sportsmanship.

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